Hedge Trimming

Hedges and shrubs should be regularly trimmed for 3 main reasons:

  • Safety - With wild and unpredictable storms hitting Melbourne, keeping hedges and shrubs trimmed will help prevent broken branches from damaging property or causing injury.
  • Health - Hedge trimming can reduce sickness and creepy crawly invasions, enhance blossoming and the overall health of the hedge. 
  • Aesthetics - There is nothing better than a freshly trimmed hedge, it's like a haircut, for our soil friends and instantly boasts an image of a well cared for property.

Please contact us for an obligation free quotation about the trimming of your hedges by filling in the form below or calling Shaun on 0421 779 159.

  • The team from Rigoni Tree Solutions felled some, reduced weight on others, and tended to our mature trees. They were prompt, courteous, good value and cleaned up before calling it a day.
    — Jason Burke
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